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2024 Trends - Thrive

68 days left!

Trends of 2024

Redefine, Balance and Thrive

Now more than ever, consumers are pioritizing health and self-care.

Thrive is a collection of products that align with healthy living, reducing stress, and finding comfort. 

Take a minute to look at these items that will reward employees and put a smile on your clients face when they receive a Thank You from you.



Webcam covers

68 days left!

These custom branded webcam covers give more brand impressions than any other product on the market today, while also providing webcam privacy protection wherever you go. These  fit several devices like computers, laptops and external webcams. Each cover is simple to use. Adhering to your device with strong adhesive and simply slide the cover to open or close. 

Take 10% off your first order with the code word: WEBCAM

For more information, give us a call.  309 387 2777


Employee Apperciation Day March 1st

68 days left!

Employee Appreciation day is March 1st.   Here are some good ideas for you.


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Appreciation Day

Sealy Home Products

129 days left!

Great items for those employees working from home or those clients that need to see your name every day.


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One at a Time - Please take a look at this

Here are products that you can get one at a time or as many as you would like.   Do you ever have that occasion where just one person needs to be recognized or that client that needs some special attention.  Maybe a birthday, anniversary, retirement, reaching a goal, or reaching a sales volume with your company.   Here are the products to take care of it.   Buy 1 if that is all you need.  Don't settle for giving the same item when you can pick the item that suits the occasion or person.  Everything is quality, quality, quality.  The packaging is remarkable.   Give it a try and see the "wow" effect when you give one of the gifts with your logo. 

And don't forget that special employee working from home that could use a little attention.  View the "work at home bundles" under new products. 

Origaudio Products
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