I am glad you clicked on Specials.   Be sure to frequent our specials as we do have daily specials and offers only visible if you have visited this site.

Ice Scrapers

22 days left!

Everyone appreciates getting an ice scrapper.  Won't be long ill the snow flies and we will be looking for that "darn ice scrapper".   Get them now and your clients will have them when they need them.   


Click on the link below for some ideas.

Ice Scraper

Fleece Sale

22 days left!

No one is going to get "fleeced" but you are going to get a good deal.

Buy any fleece item from our catalog and get 15% off.   Just mention "Fleece" when ordering.


Click on our apparel site below.



Apparel - Fleece

Affordable Items for Your Promotion

53 days left!

Great ideas within your budget for your next promotion.   Take advantage of these deals today.

Affordable Items for Promotion

Desk Calendar Padss

53 days left!

Out of Sight Out of Mind.   Shouldn't your company information be sitting on your clients desks.  If so click on the link below for more information.


Desk Calendars

Tuck Boxes

83 days left!

Tuck boxes are the special way t send your promotional item to or product to your clients and prospects.   They enhance the item and make it special when someone receives this from you.


Click on the icon below for more information.


Mention "Tuck Box" and receive 10% off your next order of tuck boxes.


Tuck Boxes

Fleece to See

83 days left!

All new fleece items just for you.   Take 5 and take a look.

Click on the icon below.


Mention "Fleece" and get 10% off your first order.


No one is getting fleeced here!


Fleece For You! ! !

New Products just for YOU

53 days left!

Take a moment to click on the link to view some trendy new items just for you.  

2023 Collection - New Products

Out of the Ocean

83 days left!

Here are some bags made from recycled plastic removed from the ocean.

Great to recycle plastic!!!

Out Of The Ocean

Up to 60% Off

81 days left!

Here are some great items at reduced pricing that are well worth taking a look at.


Mention "60" and get 10% off the price as well.

Up to 60% Off

Savings - Savings - Savings

81 days left!

Here are some unbelievable savings on popular items of your choosing.


Click on the link below


Savings - Savings

Koozie Line of Products

83 days left!

One of the top suppliers in the Promotional Industry.

Take a moment to look at these products.   Click on the Products icon to view more ideas than you can image.


Mention Koozie when ordering and receive 10% off your next purchase.


Koozie Products

3M Products - Post Its, cubes and a host of great iems

83 days left!

3M has a wide line of promotional items that will fill any need you have.   Everyone loves to get post it note pads and post it cubes.   Cubes will promote your business for a year if they are sitting on your clients desk.  But more important they are so handy and useful in our daily business activities.  There is a wide variety of items that will work for Trade Shows, Business Meeting, New Product Introductions and as leave behinds on sales calls.  If you haven't looked at these in awhile, take a couple minutes now to see all the possibilities for you. Don't forget to look at the items on sale right now.


click the link below. 

Take me to 3M products

Ultimate Bags

83 days left!

Here are some New great bag ideas.  Lunch Bag Cooler, Backpack and Duffel Bag.


Mention "ultimate": and get 10% off your first order.


Click on the icon for more information.


Ultimate Bags

New Balance Bags and Backpacks

83 days left!

Here is a new trendy line of bags and backpacks.


Mention New Balance with your next order and receive 10% off.

New Balance

One at a Time - Please take a look at this

Here are products that you can get one at a time or as many as you would like.   Do you ever have that occasion where just one person needs to be recognized or that client that needs some special attention.  Maybe a birthday, anniversary, retirement, reaching a goal, or reaching a sales volume with your company.   Here are the products to take care of it.   Buy 1 if that is all you need.  Don't settle for giving the same item when you can pick the item that suits the occasion or person.  Everything is quality, quality, quality.  The packaging is remarkable.   Give it a try and see the "wow" effect when you give one of the gifts with your logo. 

And don't forget that special employee working from home that could use a little attention.  View the "work at home bundles" under new products. 

Origaudio Products

It All In The BAG

83 days left!

Who doesn't like to receive a nice bag.   

What ever the event, put in a bag that says something about you.   What ever you are selling, put it in a bag.  

I promise you that your bag will be used over and over and not discarded.

Are you having an open house put the take home items in a bag.   Attending a trade show, hand you your bag and everything at the trade show will be put into it.  Are you giving your clients or employees a gift, put it in a bag.

Are you having your employees in for training.  Put everything in a bag for them.


Use promo code:  BAGIT for 10% off your next order. 


Bag Makers

The Biggest Bang for the Buck

83 days left!

I am a believer.   Coasters are one of the best ideas to promote your company with your clients and your employees.

These coasters will last for many many years.   That means your logo is visible every single day on the desk of your client.   These come in retail packaging making it sizzle when giving them to your clients.

4 color printing is available, so don't worry about that logo.   We can print it on them.   


Use promo code:   JoeCoaster for 10% off your next order


Big Bank for the Buck - Coasters

Upscale Name Brands

83 days left!

Looking for that "something" that is special here they are.


click on the Icon to view all the items.   


Mention LogoMark when placing your next order and receive a 10% discount.


Premium Apparel for You

83 days left!

Click on the site below and type in the search window to find any of these premium apparel items.


North Face


Eddie Bauer

Travis Matthew



Take 10% off your first order with Promo Code:  Premium Apparel


Premium Apparel for Your

Glassware Gift Items

83 days left!

Looking for that something special to give to your clients.  Why not glassware.  Why not have them think about your company when they are sipping on their favorite beverage.


Use Promo Code:  Glassware for 10% off your order.


Custom Printed Glassware

Yes a Free Swiss Army Knife

83 days left!

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to look through our specials.   By doing so I will send you a free Swiss Army Pocket Knife with your next order.   You must mention: Free Swiss Army Knife on your order to me.    While supplies last.


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