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3M Products - Post Its, cubes and a host of great iems

87 days left!

3M has a wide line of promotional items that will fill any need you have.   Everyone loves to get post it note pads and post it cubes.   Cubes will promote your business for a year if they are sitting on your clients desk.  But more important they are so handy and useful in our daily business activities.  There is a wide variety of items that will work for Trade Shows, Business Meeting, New Product Introductions and as leave behinds on sales calls.  If you haven't looked at these in awhile, take a couple minutes now to see all the possibilities for you. Don't forget to look at the items on sale right now.


click the link below. 

Take me to 3M products

Real Deals

87 days left!

Looking for that special item for fall trade shows, employee appreciation or customer appreciation, take a look at these deals.   

Beat the price increases now and take advantage of special pricing.


Koozie Real Deals

Bic Sticky Note pads

87 days left!

One of the best promotional items to hand out to everyone.   Always appreciated.

Bic Sticky Notes

Carhartt Special

87 days left!

Take 10% off any Carhartt item in our catalog.   Visit sanmar.com and type Carhartt in the search window.   Please mention Carhartt special when placing your next order.   We have a lot of new items that will surprise you.....


Holiday Food Gift Ideas

87 days left!

There is absolutely nothing better than the items you have to choose from.  Your clients, employees and business associates will be pleased to receive these items from you.   Let us do the work, send us your list and addresses and we will get these shipped out to them to arrive when you want them to arrive.   Call for more information.  Joe 309 387 2777 

Holiday Food Items

Reward your employees - Thank your clients Special Gifts

87 days left!

Looking for something different??

Look no further.   Here are some ideas that will remind your employees how important they are to you and Tell your clients that you sincerely appreciate their business.  Don't overlook these ideas.


Use promo code:  Gemline to receive 10% off your next order.





One at a Time - Please take a look at this

Here are products that you can get one at a time or as many as you would like.   Do you ever have that occasion where just one person needs to be recognized or that client that needs some special attention.  Maybe a birthday, anniversary, retirement, reaching a goal, or reaching a sales volume with your company.   Here are the products to take care of it.   Buy 1 if that is all you need.  Don't settle for giving the same item when you can pick the item that suits the occasion or person.  Everything is quality, quality, quality.  The packaging is remarkable.   Give it a try and see the "wow" effect when you give one of the gifts with your logo. 

And don't forget that special employee working from home that could use a little attention.  View the "work at home bundles" under new products. 

Origaudio Products

High Vis Wear

87 days left!

We have what you are looking for.   High Vis apparel that meets all ANSI requirements.  

Take 10% off your next order.  Mention code ANSI

Blank or Decorated


Visit out supplier site to find what you need.   Sanmar.com and type in ANSI in the search window


Rainproof Apparel for your Business

87 days left!

Rainproof apparel for your business employees.  Before the snow fly's it will be raining.   We have what you need for those employees who are working in the elements.   Visit our supplier site Sanmar.com and type in rain in the search window for all your options.  Take 10% off any item when you mention:  Rainproof with your next order. 

Sanmar Rainwear

It All In The BAG

87 days left!

Who doesn't like to receive a nice bag.   

What ever the event, put in a bag that says something about you.   What ever you are selling, put it in a bag.  

I promise you that your bag will be used over and over and not discarded.

Are you having an open house put the take home items in a bag.   Attending a trade show, hand you your bag and everything at the trade show will be put into it.  Are you giving your clients or employees a gift, put it in a bag.

Are you having your employees in for training.  Put everything in a bag for them.


Use promo code:  BAGIT for 10% off your next order. 


Bag Makers

Premium Apparel for You

87 days left!

Click on the site below and type in the search window to find any of these premium apparel items.


North Face


Eddie Bauer

Travis Matthew



Take 10% off your first order with Promo Code:  Premium Apparel


Premium Apparel for Your

The Biggest Bang for the Buck

87 days left!

I am a believer.   Coasters are one of the best ideas to promote your company with your clients and your employees.

These coasters will last for many many years.   That means your logo is visible every single day on the desk of your client.   These come in retail packaging making it sizzle when giving them to your clients.

4 color printing is available, so don't worry about that logo.   We can print it on them.   


Use promo code:   JoeCoaster for 10% off your next order


Big Bank for the Buck - Coasters

Yes a Free Swiss Army Knife

87 days left!

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to look through our specials.   By doing so I will send you a free Swiss Army Pocket Knife with your next order.   You must mention: Free Swiss Army Knife on your order to me.    While supplies last.


NEW Mobile Office Hybrid Computer Backpack

87 days left!

If you have employees still working from home or employees who need to be mobile and work from anywhere why not outfit them with this computer backpack that will make the job easier.

Click on the link below to view this unique and stylish mobile office backpack.


Use Promo Code:  Mobile for 10% off your order


Mobile Office Backpack

Glassware Gift Items

87 days left!

Looking for that something special to give to your clients.  Why not glassware.  Why not have them think about your company when they are sipping on their favorite beverage.


Use Promo Code:  Glassware for 10% off your order.


Custom Printed Glassware
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